Make your WordPress website load fast.

A slow website can hurt your business. Using fast hosting + manual optimization we strive to make it load in two seconds or less. No cure no pay.

Speed optimization service

A slow website can hurt your business.

Many business owners do not realize this. But the slower a website loads, the bigger the chance that a user will click away and move on. This is bad for business. Especially if you paid for that click with advertising. In addition, website load speed is considered an SEO ranking factor. So a fast loading site can help you rank higher in Google.

Here's how we speed up your site.

Deepjar can make use of the following tools to make your website load faster.

We look at each case and website separately to get the best results.

Fast hosting + Manual optimization for just $150 annually.

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To duplicate your website to a testing location, we need access to your WordPress environment. Not sure how that works? Just contact us.

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You will receive a link to “temporary” testing URL. This is just a duplicate of your existing site and allows you to compare load speed with the original.

3. Point your domain to the new location

Did you get excited about the difference in performance? Then simply point your domain to the new location. We can help you do that too. All done!

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