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Struggling to promote your hotel? Invite content creators to stay at your hotel(s) and reach their audience.

Content creators on Youtube and other platforms are able to reach a large audience. Deepjar helps you tap into this by inviting “influencers” to stay at your hotel. Every deal can be different. For some content creators a free night stay may be enough, while for other more renowned Youtubers a deal will look different. It all depends on your goals, region and budget. 

1. Receive some options.

Fill out the form and we’ll send you some options for your region and hotel.

2. Select a deal.

Pick one or more of the presented deals, and pay the dues (if applicable).

3. Watch the results

Enjoy seeing your hotel reviewed online and keep track of the results.

Each deal may look different, depending on these factors:

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Receive one or more options for your hotel..

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