3 Good Reasons to Convert your Website to WordPress

Is WordPress that great for you to think of converting your “perfectly” working website?

Well, apparently it is! Why, 40% of all active websites in 2021 are powered by WordPress. That’s nearly 200 million websites! That includes top brands, companies, and organization like:

WordPress statistics is quite amazing. But I won’t go further into that. After all, you can always check the latest WordPress statistics. So why convert to WordPress? It will take a long time to list all so let’s just focus on 3 good reasons:

1. WordPress can make your website easier to edit.

Are you thinking of updating the design of your website? How about adding a Blog? Or maybe editing the content for better SEO? All sounds good, right?

Problem is if you have limited or no knowledge about Codes. I know the feeling. Just the thought of coding can be daunting!

Here’s when you can turn to WordPress.

WordPress is highly customizable.

Using WordPress together with plugins like Elementor, you can change the design of your website, link your social media pages, add a blog, edit your content for better SEO – do all of these and more without having to code!

Want to edit and customize your website to your heart’s content? WordPress makes you do just that – the easier way (with almost no coding needed)!

2. Enjoy the flexibility of WordPress

Let’s talk about “growing” your website.

You can think of adding functionalities such forms, reviews, registration, security features, infographics, events calendar, gallery – anything that can help your website and business to grow.

Now, how can you add these functionalities without worrying about hiring programmers or breaking the bank?

Yes, that’s right, WordPress!

Because WordPress is open-source, the community of developers and users is huge. Meaning, there is a wide array of plugins that can add specific functionality to your website. With these WordPress plugins, your website has unlimited possibilities. You know what’s better? Most plugins are free!

A word of caution, though. Choose plugins wisely and carefully.

When choosing a plugin, consider factors like rating, number of downloads and active installations, functionality, and frequency of plugin updates. Check the plugin and compare it with other plugins that offer the same functionality.

Doing this will help you minimize or even avoid any potential plugin problem in the future.

Grow and enhance your website by adding necessary functionalities. Explore plugins. Enjoy the process. See for yourself how WordPress’ flexibility can bring unlimited possibilities to your website!

3. WordPress can help make your site responsive.

With over 3 billion smartphone users worldwide spending an average of 3 hours per day using it, you definitely want your website to be responsive. Merriam-Webster defines “responsiveness” as being quick to respond or react appropriately.” What does that mean for your website?

A responsive website looks great on any device – laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It “responds quickly” to any screen size and resolution.

Can you imagine losing potential customers or missing out on opportunities just because your website is not easy-on-the-eyes when viewed on tablets or mobile devices? That doesn’t sound so good, right?

It’s true though, WordPress is not the only platform that can make your website responsive. You can actually do it yourself! You can find a guide on how to do it here. But you don’t have to go to all that extra fuss.

With the right WordPress theme or plugin, making your website responsive can be a lot easier than adjusting code manually.

Careful though. Not all WordPress themes are equally beautiful on all devices. So you better use your judgment wisely. 

There you go! Those are 3 good reasons to convert (rebuild) your website to WordPress.

Of course, the next question is: how?

How can you convert your website to WordPress?

Actually, there are many tutorials, articles, blogs, and even videos on how to do it by yourself. You can easily find a step-by-step tutorial on how to convert a website to WordPress.

That’s right, you can DIY the conversion of your website to WordPress! That is if you have a lot of time in your hands and a little knowledge about coding up in your sleeves.

But, if you don’t have either of the two, Deepjar is to the rescue!

Deepjar rebuilds or converts your websites to WordPress for you. 

Save yourself some time. Free yourself from the hassle.

Let Deepjar rebuild your website within WordPress.

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