Questions & Answers

Pricing starts at around $25 per page (US dollar) but depends on the number, length and complexity of your pages. Once you receive your free sample, you will also get a quote to finish the site completely.

Deepjar’s Conversion Service is offered internationally. 

Yes. When requesting a free sample, you can choose if you like to keep the design the same, or if you would like a new design.  The content (text’s etc) will be kept the same.

Deepjar is flexible. You can pay your invoice through Paypal, Wire, Transferwise or Ideal. 

Because your website will be “duplicated”, you or your company has to be the rightful owner of the website and own the copyrights to the designs and content.

Absolutely. Deepjar can expand or design your site any way you would like. For custom work the rate is $10 per 15 minutes.

Deepjar uses software (within wordpress)  that makes it relatively easy and intuitive to make adjustments.

Yep! thats right. (in most cases) Do note that Deepjar’s conversion service is not automated and it takes time to design each page. That’s why Deepjar reserves the right to determine if a free sample can be made in your case.

If you would like Deepjar to help you to put the website live on your own domain, these login credentials will be needed to do the install.