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Instead of telling you how nice your site will look, we rather just show you..

Deepjar builds a new professional looking website using your current website's content.


Note:  Some content may not be suited for Deepjar’s service.  If this is the case you will be notified beforehand. 

You may wonder..

Deepjar carefully considers what kind of design suits your company well.  But Instead of telling you how nice your site will look, you can request a customly designed sample risk free!

No. A new website will be drafted up on a temporary URL. Once you are satisfied with the new design, we help you swap the old site with the new one.

This is just to copy the content (text’s and images) for the new website. But also to get a feel for your company and determine how to improve the design.

Thats right! This is usually a sample of what your new homepage (or part of it) will look like. This is provided on a temporary URL.

Do note that Deepjar’s conversion service is not automated and it takes time and effort to design each sample. Deepjar reserves the right to determine if a free sample can be provided or not.

Websites are being built within WordPress. This CMS system offers you alot of flexibility by itself.

Additionally, Deepjar uses software (Within WordPress) that makes it relatively easy to make adjustments visually. Once your new site is live, Deepjar can provide a short video on how to make adjustments to your site.

However, you can also decide to let Deepjar take care of future adjustments. The rate for custom work is $10 per 15 minutes.

There is no specific number set. This can differ per project and is in all reasonableness. Do note that Deepjar’s goal is to give their customers a great experience and form lasting relationships.

Getting your site redesigned is easy

Deepjar invests in its relationships by providing a customly designed sample for free.

1. To get started all we need is your website URL.

Deepjar checks if your site is suitable for our service and may ask additional questions to make sure we get it right.

2. Deepjar sends you a sample on a temporary URL.

If you like what you see, you can approve to get the rest done also. At this point you pay 50%.

3. After all is done, Deepjar helps you to publish your site.

To publish your site, Deepjar needs your hosting details or FTP information so swap your old site with the new one.

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