Leverage platforms like Youtube, Google, Linkedin and others to reach your audience.

Content creators

Leverage the audience of content creators for your business.

Content creators such as Youtubers or bloggers can reach a large audience.  Deepjar can help you find content creators that match your business or product.

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Google Ads

Google Ads is a great tool to get your service or product in front of the right audience without having to be very patient. Because of that it can also be a wonderful first step to see how your product or service is received by your target audience. 

Hut, Here’s the thing;
It’s fairly easy to burn money with Google Ads also. Even after 10+ years experience of running different campaigns (for myself and later for clients) I, Steven, still get it wrong sometimes. There, i said it.

With online competition increasing in most markets, making Google Ads profitable can be challenging. Unless you are in a niche market, everything has to be right. You have to:

1. Offer a service or product that is genuinely useful and something that fills a . 
2. Get your (ad) wording right, select the right keywords to bid on and yes you have to bid the right amount.
3 Get your website (landing page) right to motivate visitors to sign up or buy something.

If one of those things is not in order, you are running an inefficient campaign meaning you could lose money. Fast.

That being said, Google Ads is still is (one of) my favourite tools and one of the most effective way to get your product in front of your audience in a short amount of time.

Is Google Ads right for your business? I’d say it depends. We’re happy to discuss your plans and give some honest advice during a free 20 minute zoom/ phone call.

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With organic search engine optimization, the goals is to  optimize your website, and to write content to rank for relevant searches that your audience is looking for.

An organic number 1 position in Google for a relevant key phrase can have a big impact on your business. Still In most markets SEO takes a lot more effort than running some Ads. The days that simple “keyword stuffing” will get you great rankings are over.

Now not to discourage you, but that is why I’d usually advice to first make sure your Google Ads campaign is generating at least some results. Why? Because if the relevant click traffic from Google Ads is not converting at all, then why would we assume that organic traffic will be any different? It’s the same people! 

Once we have that figured out, we can make some specific plans to start ranking organically for some interesting keywords. This can include: Adjusting existing pages, Improving your site load speed, writing web content and (guest)articles, and more.

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Other Platforms

Sure Google is huge. However each business is different, and there could be other platforms where your target audience resides online. For example, Linkedin offers some very nice opportunities especially if you offer b2b services.

We’re happy to discuss your plans and give some honest advice during a zoom/ phone call.

10 reasons your website is not generating new leads. (pdf)

10 reasons your website is not generating new leads.

These are some of the things I (Steven) have learned over the years doing digital marketing for myself and some others. Avoiding these pitfalls can help your business do better. Just leave your email address to receive the pdf by email.

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